TruTandem™ Systems
For 2, 3 or more Cranes

Remote Control for all crane motions from a single operator
Available with E5™ Push Button & E3™ Joy-stick Systems
& RD-17TeachMe™ Receiver Decoders

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The COMMANDER™ TruTandem™ Crane to Crane Bi-directional Communicator System provides the safest way of performing twin or multi crane lifting operations from a single ground based operator. The system incorporates bi-directional communication using the COMMANDER™ Duplex-50™ parallel communicators. Using Infra-Red as the communications medium for radio or infra-red remote control systems, the standard system will communicate up to 40M crane to crane, if required hardware is available for longer distances. The system is very responsive and will simultaneously react and initiate the operator commands to one or more cranes on demand. It makes no difference how many commands are transmitted, the system can be applied to 3, 4 or 5 motion cranes with single speed, two speed or multi speed control stepped or step-less (such as inverter drive signalling) and with various auxiliary commands such as magnets systems, vacuum systems or grabs, all being commanded at will. Usually one crane is designated ‘Master Crane’ and the other as ‘Slave Crane’. With a 3 crane scheme, one crane would be master and the other two would be slave cranes. Typically, the applied to cranes will require a contactor arrangement for the control of motors (via inverters if required), speeds and auxiliary functions, and must incorporate a main line contactor arrangement for overall crane and system protection. Individual, intermediate and full speeds of the cranes must be identical set to ensure safe load movement.

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