Crane Systems (E Range) – Infra-Red (Joystick)

Joy Stick Infra-Red Crane Systems

Remote Control Crane System Specification for
E3™ Joy Stick Infra-Red Transmitter with
RD-17TeachmeReceiver Decoder

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The COMMANDER™ Teachme™ dual channel (CAT 3 E Stop) dual microprocessor controlled digital Infra-Red remote control system with E3™ joy stick transmitter is a FAST, POWERFUL & FLEXIBLE product. Specially designed for the safe and cost effective operation of 3, 4 or 5 motion (or more) electric overhead cranes and other electrically powered equipment requiring multi speed or variable speed joy stick remote control from a ground based operator. The Teachme™ remote control system uses a receiver decoder that is sized to suit the application and to minimise interface redundancy. One standard RD-17™ receiver decoder is expandable with additional relay interface PCB’s, Analogue drivers for up to 4 motions and TruTandem™ multiple crane control. The RD-17™ receiver decoder can be reprogrammed at any time (during the Teachme™ access time window) with a replacement transmitter. COMMANDER™ E3™ joy stick transmitters have been designed for maximum flexibility for multiple configurations and feature advanced bi-directional 2 axis (X-Y) mechanisms with gated or free axis option, and with up to 5 stepped or step-less speed steps. Each Joy Stick lever has an inbuilt start up protection and dead man button for additional safety and spring return levers that are biased to the centre off position. The E3™ joy stick transmitter can be supplied with combinations of auxiliary pushbuttons, rotary switches and supervisory key switch options available as standard feature options. Command legends included to suit the country of destination.

OEM livery available in Quantity.

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