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COMMANDER™ collision avoidance systems are designed to provide crane users with high integrity and reliable protection against costly collisions between cranes and assets such as machinery, structures, building end and products being transported during manufacture or when completed. Systems are fully automatic in their functionality and programmable by the installer to prevent unauthorised changes to installed settings. All COMMANDER™ products incorporate various fail safe features so in the event of power loss or failure interfaced motors will be in-active.

Each COMMANDER™ collision avoidance system is effectively controlled by COMMANDER™ ComSoft™ software and is NOT reliant on optical reflections that can fail and be totally ineffective.

COMMANDER™ collision avoidance systems are used extensively in all industries including nuclear and power generation where loads can be high value or volatile. COMMANDER™ collision avoidance systems fall into two distinct categories, i) Horizontal, and ii) Vertical.

i) Horizontal systems have 3 detection zones, each can be set to suit the applied to gantry crane speed and desire stopping distance, so for example a gantry crane with a travel speed 100M/per minute can be set to initiate speed reduction earlier than a gantry crane travelling at 50M/per minute. Similar applies to each speed or detection zone. Some installers, subject to user requirement use the first detection zone to activate a warning klaxon/horn.

ii) Vertical systems are designed to operate in the vertical mode. Systems can be installed on gantry cranes operating on two or more levels or tiers. It is not uncommon for very large construction/fabrication buildings to have 5 levels/tiers thus requiring a high degree of safety in the workplace.

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Established in 1993, Commander Controls Limited are specialists in providing electronic industrial control systems for high integrity lifting operations, which include Infra-Red & Radio remote control and Collision Avoidance (Detection) systems. They provide high-quality, durable equipment, which has been the chosen option for many businesses and locations worldwide.

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