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Crane to Crane & Crane to Ground Signalling
Stand Alone System for integration with control
or other hardware, PLC’s etc

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The COMMANDER™ TalkBak™ Command & Communication/signalling system uses factory set coded infra-red or radio signalling to communicate between cranes (by Infrared) or other objects mobile (at ground level) or static (by Radio). The hardware can be supplied to operate in Simplex (1 way) mode or Duplex (2 way). The usual application for these products is for volt free integration to on crane control systems/plc’s where either switch activity (limits, load cells etc) become active/inactive and the status is required to be known on the partner machine in the application to inhibit or activate a function.

The system outputs factory set security coded signals to the partner receiver (codes are taught between systems) (more than one receiver can be integrated. Each system incorporates either 5 or 8 volt free channels to enable multiple choice configurations. Transmitter channels are connected to a volt free device/dry contact and when the contacts are closed on that device that particular channel status is transmitted in real time to the partner receiver decoder(s).

On decoding, a relay is then activated on the receiver decoder. On either the 5 or 8 channel system one or more integrity channels can be configured for a safety relay for integration to the crane protective system/EM Stop circuit. The relays are closed when the system is mains powered and the relevant channels active, and will only open if the source contact opens or in the unlikely event of system failure or when power is lost on the crane(s).

Warning devices can also be applied to signal/alarm if power is lost. On Infrared system versions horizontal alignment is important between the two structures to ensure reliability and continuity of signalling/communication. Generally aligned standard version Infrared systems can easily achieve 80+ metres. It is a good idea to tell us/the distributor when making an enquiry the required communications range. A BatBak™ (battery back-up) unit is also available.

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