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Audible Safety Warning System

For overhead cranes & other equipment

See page 2 of the System Brochure for more Technical Data

The COMMANDERAlertMe-l™ Safety Voice Alert & Warning System has been designed with safety in mind for many highly usable applications. The AlertMe-l™ system ‘input message’ can be any spoken language in the country of use before installation. The AlertMe-l™ system can record up to two messages. Message 1 has a factory test message in English that can be used to prove operation and can be over-written with an active and additional optional message before installation and setting to work.

To enable triggering of the AlertMe-l™ systems messages, up to 2 external volt free contacts are required which when closed triggers the system and activates message 1 or 2 (as selected), for example for directional announcements (warnings).

The AlertMe-l™ high quality horn/speaker and control module are mounted separately so that each can be placed into the most suitable position for access and audible effect. An interface/data cable is supplied (see brochure).

The AlertMe-l™ system is usually installed on overhead cranes which also benefit from a COMMANDER™ automated crane detection/anti-collision system which can be used for the AlertMe-l™ trigger sources. The audible warning emitted is an aid to operators and others in the workplace. The AlertMe-l™ system can be easily connected to a power source (see over for voltage options) and be integrated in a number of ways with existing control hardware.

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