The Microwave Medium

Microwave used in COMMANDER™ products is primarily for object detection for collision avoidance systems and can be supplied in either a wide or narrow beam format. Special Microwave antenna arrays are used for signalling by incorporating a COMMANDER™ software generated coded signal format. The Antenna components create an electronic picture of the target which bounces back to the Microwave source many times a second, rather like a Radar Gun used by Traffic Police or even speed warning signs that indicate your speed when entering a speed limit zone.

Microwave used to detect a target can be set to suit a specific size, for example if the target is a lattice type crane structure as opposed to a plated box beam, then the Microwave signal must have a suitable target area to enable a reflected signal return to the source device. If the target is too small then a simple Tetrahedron corner type reflector will solve the problem and will ensure sufficient signal is returned (on the MDSµP-II-NB™ product/brochure shows this item). The Microwave signals are measured and the time calculated time over distance similar to other device as mentioned above from originating transmission to receiving a returned ‘bounced’ signal which becomes more complex as again the target could be static or in fact in a closing target scenario of which the speed could be considerably variable.

The use of Microwave is quite a complex technology specifically so where with overhead crane applications accuracy of speed and distance are critical to safety. Microwave exists in unexpected places or can be affected by indeterminable reflections maybe from other similar devices. In both instances, the COMMANDER™ set up/install facility has setting options for unwanted signals whether natural or generated ‘triggered’ by other similar devices.

In COMMANDER™ applications using Microwave devices, usually for the highly successful MDSµP-II-NB™ & MDSµP-II-WB™ collision avoidance systems, the distance measurement can wholly rely on a static or moving target in a retro-reflective mode.

The Microwave computer generated signalling is repeated many times a second, the data is collected and reacts in accordance to the input settings set up during installation, these settings facilitate a controlled speed approach to prevent collisions between over-head crane applications. Connectivity between motion drive hardware is via up to 3 volt free zone speed relays.

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