Industrial Remote Control

COMMANDER™ Remote Control has many advantages:-

  • The operator can choose the optimum viewing position
  • The operator can choose the safest operating distance
  • The operator is electrically isolated from the crane
  • The operator is not tethered to the crane
  • The operator is not restricted to a series of right angle moves to operate the crane
  • Eliminates electrical shorts in suspended control cables
  • Optimises the factory floor production & storage areas
  • Can be operated from different floor levels
  • Controlled range options with Radio Systems
  • Defined sector transmission with Infra-Red systems
  • Incorporates on crane hardware monitoring system
  • Incorporates automatic safety shutdown procedures
  • More convenient, reduces operators daily walking distances improving efficiency
  • Restricts machinery use to authorised operators
  • Prevents Asset theft
  • Eliminates communication errors between operators and slingers
  • Reduces the operating cost of plant ownership
  • More cost effective lifting operations
  • Healthier environment for the operator, eliminates isolation form fellow workers
  • Helps maximise operational/production areas by have flexible pedestrian areas
  • Dual channel start up
  • Start up protection
  • Continuous communications link between operator and the crane or other machine

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    Established in 1993, Commander Controls Limited are specialists in providing electronic industrial control systems for high integrity lifting operations, which include Infra-Red & Radio remote control and Collision Avoidance (Detection) systems. They provide high-quality, durable equipment, which has been the chosen option for many businesses and locations worldwide.

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